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Antique Tiffany Lamps

Antique Tiffany lamps are amongst the most beautiful vintage style lighting out there, with table and floor lamps bringing an art deco feel to any room.

Nothing is more luxurious than adding authentic antique Tiffany lamps to your home.  They are going to be pieces of style that you can literally use to brighten up any room, and that are bound to wow every family member of friend that visits you.  Of course, getting an authentic is not always so easy as it might sound, as there are a lot of fakes out there to be found.  that’s because Tiffany is such a big name, and these are extremely popular types of lamps.  But so long as you know which visual cues to spot, you can ensure that you get truly legitimate antique Tiffany lamps that are going to add so much to your home.

That means first off, you have to give yourself an education into what makes a lamp like this, so that you can learn about what makes them real, or fakes.  That means knowing your history with antique Tiffany lamps.  The only ones that are authentic, are those that were produced in the time period between 1892 into the 1930s by the Tiffany Glass and Decorating company. That means you’re going to be after lamps that are pretty old, so that should be your first visual cue.  While many modern lamps emulate the Tiffany style, there are only so many authentic ones out there for you to actually pick up.

One of the first things you want to look at when you’re trying to determine the quality of any antique Tiffany lamps that you’re looking at, is just the overall workmanship.  Another thing that makes Tiffany so luxurious and such a great choice, is that they feature meticulous and fantastic craftsmanship that is second to none.  So if you see anything like imperfect soldering on the outside of the lamp’s glass, or even if there are imperfections in the base, you’re going to find that it’s probably not a Tiffany, or it’s been tampered with which is something that also really brings down the value of the lamp.

What’s more, you have to ensure that any antique Tiffany lamps you’re looking into have the authentic branding of the corporation.  That means the base should feature something that says Tiffany Studios New York, and that also features a model number.  Many fakes have been recognized for featuring scratched on logos that just read LCT, but those are always to be avoided as fakes.  If it doesn’t have the actual Tiffany stamp, chances are you’re not looking into an actual Tiffany lamp.

That also means that you’re most likely going to have to find a reputable antiques dealer in your area, in order to gain access to authentic lamps.  That’s because antique Tiffany lamps are rare, and anything available online should be avoided, because you can’t really get a look at the lamp itself.  Instead, you want to ensure that you’re buying your lamp from a true antique dealer.  You can find them through services like Google.com where you can perform local business searches.  But then you can also go looking through a site like DexKnows.com as well, where you can also find plenty of potential providers.