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Beaded Lamp Shades

Beaded lamp shades bring elegance to any light, with popular forms including glass, crystal, and many Victorian styles.

Choosing the right style of beaded lamp shades can really add a lot of character to just about any table top lamp throughout your home.  They are stylish additions that can add some character, or a bit more elegance to any room, so long as you have the right style.  In fact, there are several different styles to choose from, so you’re going to have plenty of options out there, no matter what you’re looking for.  It’s just a matter of choosing the right style of beaded lamp shades that really works with the aesthetic of the room, as well as the style of lamp that you own.  There are plenty of varieties out there, and you’re going to find something suitable for your tastes no matter what.

First off, you really want to think about how you want the actual beads to work with the shade of the lamp.  You’ll find that a style like this can really be utilized in one of two ways.  Either the beads are the main event, and are the whole point of the shade itself.  Or they are just meant to be an elegant accent that sticks down a bit almost like a unique fringe.  The type of beaded lamp shades that you’re going for really depends upon the style of the room, and the convention you’re trying to bring about when somebody looks at that lamp.

When you’re really looking for something unique, you want beaded lamp shades that feature a lot of beads in a more creative way.  There are those that are totally made from beads, so that they literally hang down almost in the way that doorway beads work, in order to block off the bulb from the rest of the room.  These are really stylish, and are more unique for the household where you want your lamp to become a piece of art that makes a statement.  You can also find them in all different color varieties as well, so you can get a lamp that’s a bit more daring, or a bit outside what you might normally find on a tabletop inside the home.

Of course when you’re after the right type of beaded lamp shades for a more refined look, you want those that are strictly fringe.  This way, the emphasis is on the shape of the shade itself, instead of the beads as they work more like just an accent.  But you do want to find an acceptable shape for your shade, so that you can ensure it has the right type of look.  You’ll find that you can go with those that feature a classic triangular, or even circular type of shape.  As well as those that feature more unique designs that will have your lamp basking in the lap of luxury.

You can find all varieties of beaded lamp shades at just about any type of retailer that deals in lamps as well, as they can be common conventions for any home.  Through stores like Target, as well as retailers like Macy’s or JC Penney you can find just the type of lamp that you’re looking for, to make the right type of impact.