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Vintage Floor Lamps

Vintage floor lamps come in antique and art deco lighting forms, with brass, stained glass, crystal, and more offering a stunning look.

Choosing the right type of vintage floor lamps for your home is never an easy decision.  There are so many different types of lamps like these, that you’ll find you’re never short of different styles to pick from.  But vintage floor lamps will always add something to your home.  While they can, and oftentimes are more expensive than other types of lamps, they are ideal for adding a different level of style.  Not only are they very attractive to look at, but they feature sturdy construction that ensures the lamp you buy today, will be around for years to come.  All you have to do is find the right type of lamp to add to your home, based upon your own personal taste.

The biggest factor when it comes to picking out vintage floor lamps for your home, is always going to be style.  There are so many different types of lamps, you want to be sure that the type you choose is ideal to add to the room.  The most important thing, is picking just the type of vintage that you’re going for.  You’ll find that some vintage floor lamps really take the antique style to heart, and are even manufactured to look like old lampposts holding oil lanterns.  These can be elaborate replications, so that you really add a relic of days past, right in your living room.  They will still work with electricity, and require no more maintenance than a regular lamp, but they do so looking so much more attractive.

But of course, you can also find vintage floor lamps that feature a more modern construction, without sacrificing the old time style.  For example, you can find beautiful arc lamps that are ideal for reading, or targeting light in any area of the room where it will be needed the most.  But you can also find standard standing lamps, that are meant to provide a lot of light over the entire area of the room. But instead of the newer more sleek and modern style, they will have great bronzed accents, and can even feature glass lampshades of all different kinds.  No matter what your taste, there’s an ideal lamp for you.

But of course, you also need to think about the type of vintage floor lamps that you want, based upon how bright they will be.  You want a fixture that gives you enough brightness, so that you can ensure your room will be perfectly well lit. You’ll find that some lamps feature just one bulb, and that’s not always bright enough when you’re placing the lamp in a large room.  For that reason, you may want to go with vintage floor lamps that feature multiple fixtures, so that you can be sure it’s bright enough to really add enough light to the room.

Finding the ideal vintage floor lamps isn’t always easy, but you can find great and affordable replicas through retail stores like Target or Kohl’s.  But when you’re really looking for a more specific asset to add to your home, you’ll find that stores like Pier 1 Imports, or even an antiques dealer is probably your best bet.